The Waters of Baptism

Over the weekend, I took a trip down to Berkshire, and whilst there, not only did I discover opportunities to test out my camera and a relatively new lens, but I was also able to stay with a good friend of mine, and attend her baptism. In this moment, perhaps many of you are associating baptism with babies, family traditions, and rituals, however, this was an adult step of faith…


Adult baptism marks the conscious decision to follow Christ with all your life; not just a declaration of faith, but a significant turning point that often follows (months or even years) after one initially accepts Christ into their lives. It’s a journey through the waters of baptism, being cleansed from sin and distractions, and being renewed with the power and promise of the Holy Spirit, ready to be a new creation in Christ Jesus, living your life for the Lord!

Being able to see a very close friend, Eloise (who is said to be my ‘twin’) get baptised made me extremely proud – showing much maturity, and passion to want to continue to develop her relationship with God, walking hand in hand with her Lord and Saviour. Not only this, but the time brought back a calming sense of nostalgia, reminding me of the day back on the 3rd of February 2013, when I myself journeyed through the waters of baptism. Being able to reflect upon the past, and look back over the years, I realise times when God’s presence and spirit has been an encouragement, light and guidance – it excites me to anticipate the work that He does in the lives of others after baptism!

Yet, of course, this work after baptism is simply continued rather than established – leading up to our ultimate decision to mark our trust in Christ, God works to deepen our faith and reveal his loving nature to us. At baptisms, the person being baptised shares their testimony: how they became a Christian, and how God has worked in their lives. It can be as simple as being brought up in a Christian family, and encountering God’s presence for yourself, or a reality change, from a dark past to one filled with love. However, these are only two examples, as each and every testimony is different yet the most beautiful factor, is that all are life changing, and reveal the work of God in true honest, lives; all who hear gain an insight upon the work of God in the lives of others!

Baptism is an occasion to step out in faith, reach out to others through testimony, and to celebrate the work of God in your life. There’s no certain age criteria or pressure, and neither a checklist of bible knowledge, nor a number of necessary encounters with God – whether little faith, or abundant, baptism is the opportunity to go further, and to come to know God more as He continues to work in your life, through the Holy Spirit!

Have you ever shared your testimony? If so what is it? If not, what would you say, given the opportunity?

Eleanor ♥






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