Grace: The condition or fact of being favoured by someone.


In faith, we stand covered in grace – in fact, if grace was an ocean, we’d all be sinking! In all walks of life, including suffering, God favours us and we can rest, sharing in his glory, as his spirit of love is poured into us, in order to build up our character and hope; grace is love, but grace is also the freedom of identity in Christ. The thing is, we are powerless – confusing, right? When we look at world and see the influence that scientists, government leaders, and families have upon our world, we may begin to think that all things are in our hands, but, this is not so true. Yes, in God’s grace, we are favoured with gifts, that allow us to influence others however the thing is, when it comes to God, we have no control: God came as Christ and died for us as unrighteous people – how many people in today’s society would die for a righteous person? Not many. Yet God died for the unrighteous, and there’s nothing we can do – our actions can neither increase God’s favour, nor decrease it. God is gracious; whilst we were his enemies, He died, establishing relationship, because He is desperate to get to know each of us – He’s more desperate for you know that He loves you, than He is for you to give your life to him! This gift of grace overflows to many – it brings the justification of all trespasses (any past burdens, God will forgive) and a life to the full. Often, the only reason for someone to not turn to Christianity, is the fear of being held accountable, yet forget about religious stereotype, and focus on the endless boundaries of faith! Grace gives us the freedom to make mistakes, forgive ourselves and try again; grace is eternal. And where sin increases, grace also increases, not to allow us to intentionally make mistakes, but so that no matter how far we find ourselves falling, righteousness will still reign forever over our lives, in the love of Christ. Grace is infectious, its liberating, and its character building, allowing us to make mistakes and learn from them, instead of living in self-doubt…

So stand in faith, and allow God to be gracious.

Eleanor ♥






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