In The Light

After months and months of GCSE photography coursework (of which is still live and unable to be published), I have finally completed the 10 hour exam! I found that my love for photography was stripped from me during the course and am very thankful to have finished – a school exam-based ritual did not fit with my style of creativity, and I found the topics restricting at times. My latest exam project involved slicing fruit and shining light through it, to create abstract works and actually, I found it enjoyable, allowing me to develop my own photographic style. There were drawbacks but also advantages to the subject; one thing’s for sure, I learnt a lot about how to use my camera! This is my first of many sequence projects that I now plan to set out and capture! This post is all about the use of light! For the background, I used a dark reflective surface, put some crinkled kitchen foil in the background, and used a tripod to shoot whilst lighting the foil with a desk lamp. I found that F5.6 (Av) worked best to really capture the light!

Eleanor ♥280315-2 280315-3280315-5 280315-6280315-4 280315-7280315-9280315-8

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