Hello 2015!

picNew year, a new start and a time to draw up endless possibilities – to live again! Often, we make resolutions, hoping that this year, we will not give up, but persevere unlike all previous years… Why? I guess when we get tthe opportunity to start afresh, almost repent, we jump because it allows us to feel whole again, and in control, able to individually change either our own lives, or the life of another!

The digits, 2015, for me, sound excitement and wonder into my thoughts! I guess it’s going to be my year, filled with exams, travel, a new college and lots of opportunities – after all, I have been scribing 2015 as the year, on the date since May! Oops! I hope and pray that your 2015 will be even better than mine!

Due to my excitement for 2015, I really wanted to make a difference through my resolutions; in summary, I have chosen to give, save and love. For a while, I have felt that I want to do more, to actively give, and so, each month I am going to do a giving project (some of these, I plan to involve readers) where I don’t just give money, but work on something over the month that I can give, or use to help the wider community. The saving aspect, is something individual, that I can target upon in order to improve – it’s simple, spend less and save more money by banking. This is so that the money is their for the future, for travelling or other opportunities! Finally, love; this year I will continue to share Gods love, and try to judge less – this world can often think it acceptable (sometimes even I myself) to judge others upon the flesh: on looks, background, talents… But no, I want to live, accepting all people (for this earth would be extremely dull if no-one was different) and through this, spread the love of God, hopefully encouraging others to also judge less and love more!

So hello to 2015! I await the experiences, opportunities, lessons and love filled memories that you will bring!

Eleanor ♥

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