Show Me Your Face

Sometimes God hides his face from those who love him. As humans we would just give up on God, but those with spirit, feel distressed and far from him, they feel so lost and try to seek his face. He does this so that we realise our need for his presence, declare our love for him, and allow him into our whole lives, not just half of it because we are so vulnerable without him. And when we declare our love for him, calling out “Lord I can’t live without you, without your presence,” he starts to build up that passion again, that sense of presence! This is often so that we can use our experience to shape our faith and make it better. For example, take Christ, God hid his face from the one whom he loved the most, on Good Friday. But Jesus didn’t give up, he called “My God” and on that day, the world was saved with love! That passion will come back, but it’s your choice – it’s called free will! If you are distressed, you are not far from God at all, you are very close, with the spirit within you so call to God and let the new passion change your life!

Two weeks ago I did just that and instantly, I felt so happy and laughter came upon me amongst joy – I felt God surround me in a hugging presence and to the Lord, I give my whole life, that he will show me his face each day and I will follow. I am so passionate to continue to study his word and live for him – so here’s to a brand new category, dedicated to faith! Spend as much, or as little, time as you please discovering all about my faith, or use it to develop yours! Distinctivemode would not be here without God’s gift of creativity!

When was the last time you resubmitted? You may have been faithful for years like I but it’s important to resubmit!







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