The Grandparent, Or The Stereotype?

There’s always a certain air of relaxation and love at a Grandparent’s home; the only couple with equal power (and moral) yet whom you tend to have more basis of agreement with, than your parents. As I’m sat here, candles lit and laptop on knee, I think back to time when my Grandma has cared for me when I’ve been ill, or been the one to spoil me at Christmas – Perhaps the pride that my Grandad has in me, never failing to encourage… Whatever their qualities may be, a Grandparent’s dinner or family event is always one that’s welcomed with love!

As upsetting as it may sound, this world often tends to conform to the stereotype that older relatives are there for the sheer purpose of provision. Take for example, when I were younger I would sit and watch children’s’ television and I remember programs that would involve visits to Grandparents – Children would complain, and Grandad would give them some astonishing sum pocket money. It’s easy to forget what is important and to take relatives for granted however it is crucial that we focus on one aspect – love. Grandparents provide for their family out of love, not because they have nothing to do with the money themselves, and we need to realise this, and be grateful for once we start to put the numerous stereotypes to the back of our minds, focusing on love and gratitude, this is when we start to enjoy our family; trips to Grandma’s become lively and we start to look deeper, and see them for their personality rather than Mum’s Mum or Dad’s Dad. For what purpose am I expressing this? I guess I am thankful for the lively, sound relationships that I have with my Grandparents and I want all you lovely readers to be able to realise what thankful times you can also have, rather than following suit and mistaking for stereotypes…

Leading on from this, it’s vital that we remember good times and focus on the special things that we have received from, or experienced with, our Grandparents. My Grandma is hilarious! We make regular shopping trips in which we will shop, cafe nero and ‘people watch’, thinking up things like, oh, I wonder what fantasy entails their life etc etc. Anyway, back to the point, she will always pick out the new fashions and show me what will look nice – She’s never wrong! Her sense of humour also never fails to lighten our shopping days and its my favourite thing to do! I love to just spend time with her because shopping is definitely in our blood! Then there’s my Grandad, the KFC obsessive, kind, honest Christian man, who takes so much pride in his family that he feels the need to photograph every good thing that we do together; I recall one time when my brothers and I were enjoying some fast food and he came along with his Ipod (yes, he loves his technology) and stepped so far back, determined to fit us in together, that he ended up almost sat on some stranger’s lap! We all burst out laughing of course but it’s those moments that we cherish because our Grandparents are just so enthusiastic!

To summarise my ramblings, I guess it’s important to be grateful for our family and to spend time with our Grandparents – Life becomes so much fun when you start to bond!

What’s so great about your Grandparents? What memories do you share?


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