New Year Exclusive : Finding Our True Identity

With a new year dawning and the excitement of a whole new season filled with fresh spring delights, we all look towards a new us; new styles, new lifestyles and renewed mind…

With two days of 2013 remaining, we strain to make the best of the year we’ve had. For me, this year has not only been an exciting roller-coaster but also the year that I have managed to finally discover those big dreams that I could never quite distinguish amongst everything else in my life. In my opinion, I would say that this year, I found my true identity; I discovered my unique style, My talents and I became happy with who I am!

But how can we really attain our true identity? The thing is, for me, I have kind of come across my identity in different situations along the year however I guess through all situations and experiences, I have discovered more about the person I don’t want to be, and more about the sort of person I’d love to be. 2013 brought many opportunities and I took them all on with courage – for example, a few weeks ago I went out of my comfort zone and sang in front of my whole year group (eek!) However now that I’ve completed this, It has shown me the satisfaction I get from being on a stage! Distinctivemode is another example – Back in October, I went to an art careers event, taking the opportunity to have a break from school. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It gave me such a clear view of the opportunities out there that I could be involved in, using my flair for creativity. During the event, I sat in a lecture about fashion careers – wow! Inspired, I went home full of ideas; I had finally discovered the dream that was hidden beneath all the other things that had been happening in my life. A few weeks later, I set up Distinctivemode and I will never look back! Therefore – I encourage you all to step into 2014 and take all the opportunities placed in your stride…

Moving onwards, I fully believe that the human brain is entirely biased towards ourselves and sometimes even against. Therefore, as I have suggested previously, the only way to discover out identity is to ask a loyal, trustworthy companion (or three). When I turned to my three girl-friends, they reflected my dreams back into my heart and I realised that I am truly happy with who I am – A random, crazy, coffee loving girl who is friendly with many folk. Someone kind, with a backbone to stand up for the things and people I love, who has great knowledge of style and a wonderful sense of humour. Finally, one of my beautiful friends came across the key to my identity: A woman who has all of her toes! I feel this demonstrates just how crazy I and my minions really are!

With the new era of 2014 creeping closer, I urge you to continue on this journey I am taking – work towards finding your true identity and becoming the person that you would love to meet! Distinguish your dreams and work towards them! But most of all, be happy with who you really are!

All the best for 2014 – Will you join me in finding your true identity?






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