A Distinctive Start!

Distinctive : Serving to identify or distinguish. 

I thought I’d start with the definition of distinctive because for me, I have always wanted to create a successful blog that in which I can display my characteristics and identity. I have always been a fashion, photography and “shop ’til I drop” lover; seeking out my favourite trends and finding budget solutions to suit my stylish needs.

I’m currently 14 going on 15 and in the final years of school. For me, school is about getting your head down and making preparations for your future life (whether it’s concentrating on exams or socialising with new people) but overall, my priority is upon my individuality.  We all ask ourselves, “Who am I?” and personally, I believe the real person inside us is based upon how others see us because, well lets be honest, human brains are entirely biased towards themselves. Therefore, to enlighten you upon my characteristics, I turned to a true friend and said, “Describe me in a triplet!” Her natural flair for English description came upon something so true to my identity: “Loving, Bubbly and Determined”.

As I begin DistinctiveMode, I plan to inspire not only my passion for fashion but also, individuality and the beauty of satisfaction. Therefore, if you get a satisfaction for the strangest thing, go ahead, strive for it – this is mine, my satisfaction is within fashion and using blogs to express. Be determined and never follow a crowd if the crowd doesn’t suit, because the person inside you becomes replaced with the person you follow!

Of course, you may feel I am contradicting myself here but for me, my individuality can also be my fashion sense, don’t just wear it because it was in your favourite shop or because it’s in all the magazines, wear it because you feel beautiful in it!

Will you take on the Distinctive challenge and chase your individuality?

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