90’s Fun Fair

My friends and I recently went on a seaside vacation and ended up in a fun fair. It was the perfect opportunity for some 90’s inspired portraits!

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Por Las Ventanas

Por las ventanas: through the windows.

Recently I have been looking at the relationship between windows, the figures in them and the views beyond in order to inspire a new series of art work. As part of this, you may have seen a behind the scenes video over on Instagram, documenting a research trip. I headed to the nearest city for the day, snapping as many views and “moments,” through windows as I could!


I’ve been inspired by Kat Gill’s work recently – she carried out an engagement shoot one winter looking in on a couple through a coffee shop window. I just can’t stop shooting reflections! The architecture in the city gave me so much to work with, layering windows with subject reflections, framed by the facades on the opposite side of the road.
_MG_0694 _MG_0699 _MG_0737

One of the beauties about shooting in the city, is that everybody is so wrapped up in the hustle of their own lives, that you can afford to be daring. I took this image looking into the apple store and I love how the camera just captures a moment in time, unable to be recreated again…
_MG_0799_MG_0802_MG_0728_MG_0842As the day went on I found myself walking down the river, stumbling upon larger more architectural buildings and bridges. I began to experiment a little more with this idea of layering components. _MG_0831

I’m still experimenting with these ideas but I hope you like them!

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This painting entitled, “Bettina” looks at the modern conception of beauty, as if seeking to wash away cosmetics and bring true natural beauty. It was a response to research into the current supperrealist movement within art and forms part of my A level coursework looking at how the concept of beauty has changed over time.

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Colour Hunting

If I were to elect a couple of words to summarise my creative style, it would most definitely be, “Colour Hunter.” I search for the striking in everything! Vivid light is contagious and just gets all of my creative juices flowing… But what does all of this signify?


Whether I’m painting, outfit composing or shooting photographs, my eye immediately looks towards the colourful, playful elements. My wardrobe is ordered by hue, images focus upon a primary element and I only ever paint with red, yellow and blue. My psychological world is centred upon highly saturated views.

However, my creative colour-hunting does not simply lie amongst the visuals. The more creativity I find myself pursuing, the brighter things follow. I begin to discover the beauty in the everyday, sound emotion within a piece of music and seek encouragement through words. I just can’t get enough!

What if I were to make an increased effort each day to exert my colourful creativity? To, “find a little bit of colour in such a black and white world,” as the saying goes. Wouldn’t my outlook and mindset be completely revolutionised? My creativity is a unique part of me – what if I used it to make such wonder known to others?

By sharing my originality, I enlighten someone else’s views. Whether visually, emotionally or physically, our creativity can influence the rest of the world…

Everybody is creative – everyone! Perhaps your creativity lies beyond the artistic sort, but the truth of the matter is that we all have the ability to think for ourselves and this in itself is creativity.

What’s your creative style? What do you do you think for? Who do you admire? What tends to stand out to you? All these things determine who you are, what you prioritise and the way you think. And once this is discovered, there’s nothing left to do other than let it flow out towards others.

Whether something simply beautiful such as colour, love or religion, or the more complex theories, ambitions or emotional influences, the things you choose to dwell upon may be shared: using our originality encourages others, promotes diversity and allows us to appreciate the positives.

Share your creativity and bring some colour into your world and the surrounding universe.

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Floral Fruit

A recent art project of mine involved cutting into fruit, creating floral-looking compositions and painting the results. Using a dark background is really effective in creating contrast and enhancing colour. The results were really successful so I thought I’d share the images with you!

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Love Pinterest and Want A Little More?

The phrase, “living the Pinterest life,” is something that seems to have grounded itself as an internet “goal.” Pinterest, known as the catalogue of ideas, is a wonderful application – you can browse pretty images, find inspirational quotes, view fashion trends and generate hundreds of ideas! Pinterest paints an intelligent, beautiful and creative picture of life – so much so that many of us find ourselves saving pins after pins and dreaming of such a lifestyle…


But even Pinterest has flaws! We can’t help but realise, that a lot of the things we pin, just become hidden beneath new pins or perhaps when trying to replicate certain ideas, we fail. Not only that but half the time, we find a brilliant idea only to discover that it takes a great amount of effort, to click link after link, only to find that there’s no article or tutorial attached…

What if, on top of pretty pictures, neat ideas and all things creative, we could read Pinterest like a magazine? If as well as a catalogue of ideas, it included readable articles? Perhaps we could be the editors of our own feed?

Love Pinterest and want a little more? Bloglovin’ is the perfect platform you! All your favourite links, images and articles collected into a readable magazine-style application. Save your favourite articles and links just like pinterest, subscribe to your favourite contributors and easily read the words behind those “oh so Pinterest” features. Unlike Pinterest, Bloglovin’ extracts webpages and places them directly into your bloglovin’ feed – no more clicking links and flicking between your app and browser!

The best thing? Bloglovin’ is completely free! Whether you use it to receive fashion updates, or keep on track with your favourite bloggers, it’s the best way to digest the world’s news, trends, ideas and thoughts. You could even follow author’s and have all your literature in one place! As a relatively new app, they have recently updated to allow you to sync your pinterest account with bloglovin’ allowing you to follow similar blogs!

I converted to Bloglovin’ and I really do love it! In fact, you can follow distinctivemode here, and subscribe for a free email service, that lets you know whenever I post something new!

Sign up here to try it out – and say hello to your better-than-Pinterest platform! Oh, and be sure to give Distinctivemode a follow – I’d love to follow you back!

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Recently, I have been experimenting with materials and different portrait styles. It’s that time of year, when new ideas are necessary and I usually set to completing artist study after artist study! These two particular pieces focus upon mark-making and are inspired by both Andrew James and Harding Meyer. My portrait work has freed up a great deal and using looser materials such as charcoal has been really fun! It’s quick, effective, and liberating! I’ve also been using square acrylic brushes (second image) to drag/manipulate paint and I love this effect! I think you’ll definitely be seeing more expressive works in the future but for now, it’s time to experiment a little bit more before creating my next piece!

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International Coffee Day

Last Saturday marked International Coffee Day (ICO) and if you haven’t already realised, I love coffee! In fact I dressed for the occasion in an “okay but first coffee” sweater, made myself a large americano and began to browse some of my photographs…

Browsing archives is so much fun! Not only does it allow you to remember moments and find new uses for your favourite pictures but it also inspires more ideas! In the light of ICO, I thought I’d share the “coffee archives.” Simply put, I’ve filtered all the photographs I’ve taken so far this year to create a collection of shots that feature coffee. Call me “crazy” or “white girl” but coffee never fails to make a good subject – I love to experiment with it and use it as a practise prop!

Grab a coffee and browse the photographs!

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Things have been rather quiet here over on the gallery page. That’s because between March and June I was actually working on a secret illustration contract with group magazine. I can’t explain how desperately I wanted to share my work with you nor how time consuming it was! As my first paper publication, it was a learning experience and I loved every second of it!


About the project: I was comissioned (along with a team of US student artists) to illustrate a new youth new testament bible called Pierced. Each book within the bible has it’s own book cover, designed and illustrated by one of the ten artists. We were asked to “put our own interpretation and testimony” into the artworks. I was given Ephesians, Philemon, and 2 Peter for which I used a range of mixed media. My favourite would be Ephesians – here I layered a self portrait painting over some photography. It relates to Ephesians 3:14-19 that talks about being filled with the fullness of Christ.

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The bible itself contains journalling margins for your own notes, as well as printed handwritten notes on each page to provoke thought and guide you through quiet times. These notes have been produced by another team of student writers. The books of the new testament have also been rearranged, placing each gospel at the front of four groups that consist of closely related books. It aims to provide 4 witnesses to the story of Christ. I find this layout interesting and really helpful – no more “I wonder what to read now.” Simply start with one of the gospels and follow through the group! Finally, it’s 6×9″ in size which for me is perfect – I was struggling to read my smaller bible!

The pierced bible can be purchased online from Amazon. If from the UK, you can still purchase the product from the american site – it works out at around £20 (although last time I checked it was on sale for less) once you’ve added shipping costs!

Eleanor ♥

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P.S. Although I cannot recommend this bible enough, I in no way intend to pressure people into purchasing. I was not paid to write a review and also suggest that if purchasing, you use this bible alongside a full bible. The Pierced Bible is only a New Testament resource and therefore shouldn’t be relied upon alone.

Our Story

Over the past month or so, I have been working on some commission work. West View Baptist Church recently celebrated their 60th anniversary, and as part of their mission week, they also opened a week’s exhibition called “Our Story.” In essence, it involved curating some kind of display, that would explain how faith impacts lives.

3Inspired by Humansof New York and Mark Steen Adamson’s “Stations,” my Dad (working on the graphic and publication side of things) and I decided to create a portrait gallery. It was as simple as photographing people in the church as well as others who had moved on to other places. Under these black and white portraits, we placed short testimonies and quotes about faith. These new digital aspects were then combined with old photographs of church groups and placed onto a series of graphic posters.

Roy DicksonThe exhibition was a great success and being commissioned to take the photographs, as well as type up/edit personal stories was a really blessed opportunity. Being able to read about such personal struggles and triumphs was inspiring! By the looks of it, the folk at WVBC were inspired to!

I managed to sneak a few pictures of the exhibition itself, and have also included some of the portrait work that I completed!


Eleanor ♥
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