Short Hair Don’t Care

_MG_1549For years I have adopted the “long hair don’t care” mantra however recently found myself scrolling pinterest, noticing short styles in magazines and simply craving a little change. Eventually I became hooked and booked a well-needed cut. I was not disappointed!

_MG_1518Late June was definitely the best time to experiment – especially given the heat! I actually created a Pinterest mood board before braving the cut so that I would have some back-up options in case my hairdresser were to advise against an idea. It also meant that I would have a bank of styles to try in those first few “new haircut, now what do I do,” days.

I eventually chose a shoulder length cut with choppy layers that shape around the face. I read that long layers enhance waves and help to provide that natural beach-wave look and it certainly works! Of course, I still made sure it was long enough to tie up for humid days and that the shortest bits could still be braided or pinned out of the way.


I absolutely love it! It’s easier to manage and only takes minutes to style! It used to take me 30 minutes to simply hair dry my hair – now I can have it dried and curled in 10! I also find it frames my face and makes me feel more confident when wearing glasses. I don’t know why that is, but hey, it works!

_MG_1555Another thing I’m loving is styling outfits with the new cut. I have a lot more freedom now over how to wear my hair, which also frees up outfit choices. With the recent hot weather I have been opting for light coloured choices. My favourite has to be these patterned, panelled trousers. I picked up this particular pair in a charity shop for £3 but they can also be found in Primark stores.

Not only are they a great way to add detail to an outfit, but they are extremely comfortable and can be paired with a lot of different things. My go to’s include peplum tops, basic black tee’s and embroidered jumpers for cooler days.

I have honestly lived in these trousers this Spring and will definitely be purchasing another similar pair for up and coming summer travel trips!


Have you been thinking about braving a chop?

Which wardrobe pieces see you through the summer?

Eleanor ♥


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