April 1st

April 1st.


My alarm sounded at 6:45 and I pulled open the curtains letting light flood in. It took a few moments to come round before I first of all realised what day it was and second, discovered that my hair was an absolute disaster. Normally it dries straight however despite washing it the night before, it had blown up into a frizzy mess. I couldn’t help but laugh… Thank goodness for hairdressers, that’s all I can say!

The morning of April 1st 2017 will be one retained in memories for years to come. As trivial as it may sound, driving to your best friend’s, parents’ house early in the morning to be greeted by breakfast, coffee, a hairdresser, all your girl friends and a little buxfizz is by far a little surreal. Even more so is watching Mama Mia whilst getting ready to walk down the aisle behind one of the girls you’ve grown up with.

No words can describe how it felt to watch two of my best friends walk down the aisle and make vows to each other. Emotions ran high and the ceremony was beautiful. The celebrations to follow seamed to last forever as we relished each others company celebrating not only the marriage of two great friends, but the life time friendships we’d made as a wider group. Truly astounding. Truly beautiful.

Here’s to the Thornhills of 2017. May your marriage be wonderful and your eternal life together full of growth, beauty and strength.

Eleanor ♥

P.S. Credit to Blooming Sundays for the beautiful flowers featured!
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