Ready? Lets sing!

For a moment today, sing for a people who do not know the Father. Bring those who are far away back to the wide open space – back to the heart of God!


In the presence of the Lord, there is a light that never ends. It’s a place of joy, hope and a wisdom that comes alive within us! You know, living for God is such a privilege! Isn’t is wonderful that the God who created the universe, who knows the ins and out of everything and everyone (our hopes, our insecurities and the composition of our DNA), wants to walk with us! Not only this, but God has given us his book full of instruction, encouragement and knowledge so that we need not live in darkness, but may understand his will for us.

Recently I have been journeying through the book of proverbs, delving into this idea of “wisdom,” and each time I am overwhelmed by all that he has granted to us! What a beautiful thing it is to wrap ourselves up in a love letter written by our creator, and to learn how to obey God’s commands, ultimately leading to loving consequences: blessing; hope; self worth; rest; a relationship with Christ; the best, fully planned life!

Christ has blessed us and part of God’s will is that we are made wise, through him. For our own human intelligence is simply foolishness yet as we let love rain down over all of our actions/thoughts/mindsets, God fills us with the knowledge of who he is, and compels us to share this with others! For, “those who help the poor will never know poverty.” 

The consequence of love is unity, experience and generosity, leading to the sharing of testimony, which ultimately points to the heart of our mighty creator!

So may we sing for a people who do not yet know Jesus! May we dedicate ourselves to time with the Father, allowing him to produce a Godly wisdom within us, that is very much alive, drawing others in towards the heart!

A few months ago I met a wonderful, beautiful and incredibly faithful family. Their love and passion for Christ is astounding and I pray that my faith may also sing so loudly! Their commitment to God’s work, passion for serving others, and fearlessness in praising God has completely transformed the way that I view church! However I’m sure they’ll agree that this has not come from their efforts, but the Holy Spirit working within them, to produce fruitfulness, energy and a Godly Wisdom! Being around this new family has humbled me to seek Christ always! Their heart for people has welcomed and encouraged me to step deeper into greater roles within my church family, engaging with others a whole lot more. Most importantly, their two teenage boys can be heard singing from the very insides of their souls! This family truly do “sing” in all that they do – through this, God is making his love known!

May we to follow such an example as we daily seek to grow in godly wisdom. It starts by singing praise to God, living prayerfully, being ready to listen, and acting on the loving instruction laid out for us in the bible!

Ready? Lets sing!

Eleanor ♥

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