Mallorcan Sunrise

It’s been a long time since I sat down and created any sort of “art.” Due to all the travelling that I’ve been doing, whenever I’ve found myself back home, all I’ve wanted to do is rest and forget about the stacks of photographs I need to edit! However, now that I’m finally up to date with everything (and given that I discovered a small canvas at the back of my wardrobe) I set to a quick sunrise painting!

Using a photograph as a guide I began to just paint, away into the night – it sounds really great but truthfully, it was too dark to see anything so I had to pack up and finish it off later! It doesn’t look anything like the photograph either but I quite like that!

I hope to sell this piece (contact for details before it’s auctioned) but I’m enjoying it for a short while!

Eleanor ♥

Mallorcan Sunrise2W Mallorcan SunriseWMallorcan Sunrise3W

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