Striped Magic

Have you ever walked around a shop 3 times, looking at everything over and over again, and then suddenly discovered something hiding – as if you missed it? I was in H&M a few weeks ago and did exactly this – I suddenly stumbled across a small, shoulder cut, stripy dress. For £5.99 I couldn’t go wrong, and as if by magic, I fell in love as soon as I tried it on! If you were to ask my best friend Amy, she would tell you that I am OBSESSED with stripes at the minute! I just can’t get enough – my Instagram is full of them!

This dress is comfortable, stylish and classic! I love how it shows the shoulder, adding some simple detail. However, I would say that it does tend to rise up if you raise your arms a lot, due to the fit of the sleeves – my best advice is to only wear it for leisurely occasions such as beach walks, or light shopping trips etc. It’s a strictly no partying dress that’s for sure!

You can buy this little beauty here!

Eleanor ♥

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