Animal Kingdom

This mini animal series all started one late night, with one spontaneous wave of creativity, and a desire to try something new. Often, my work focuses upon portraiture, or other still-life subjects – but never had I drawn an animal… I set to a Giraffe (in coloured pencil) and it turned out rather well. Although to me, it looks very experimental, and the background doesn’t really work.

If you follow Distinctivemode on Instagram, you would have seen me post a picture of this work – it generated a lot of interest! So much so, that I was then commissioned to create a pug! This one is a lot more refined, and now hangs on somebody else’s wall – I enjoyed it for a week or two though!

Who knows whether I’ll continue with the animal theme…

Eleanor ♥

Giraffe_edited-1w Pug_edited-1w


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