Springtime Sketches

dandelion_edited-1 copy

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been setting my mind on small creative exercises rather than large projects. It’s been great to just choose random photographs, remember visual memories, and experiment with new techniques! It’s really got my creativity going! I am sharing three of these pieces with you today.

The first is named “Triple Chocolate,” and here I focused upon using layers of colour to create an sense of realism – I’ve always been terrible and extremely impatient when it comes to using coloured mediums. So here I forced myself to start simple with undertones of water colour, then layering heavier tones of coloured pencil over the top. I suddenly have a new found love for pencils! I will definitely be producing some more works like this – perhaps a food range but who knows?!

The second is named “Dandelion” and was one of those midnight-I-suddenly-want-to-draw pieces. It’s extremely experimental, and doesn’t fit my usual artistic style. The pen detail made the dandelion look very fine, even though I’d hoped to give it a softer tone. But hey – artists learn from their mistakes!

Finally, the third is named, “Sunrise Waters” and was inspired when I stumbled across an old photograph. When I was 14, my friend Sally and I got up at 5am, drove to the beach (courtesy of Sal’s Dad) for sunrise, and spent about an hour photographing everything in sight! It’s these kind of memories that I cherish and on that particular stormy day, we had the beach to ourselves – we owned the moment! Originally, this acrylic was to be a background for a typography series I’m working on, however, it turned out better than I thought (I don’t ever paint landscapes, and have little confidence with the matter) so I just couldn’t ruin it! Maybe now I’ve photographed it, I’ll overlay some kind of type!

Enjoy the artwork! Do not hesitate to contact for commissions or purchase of prints!

Eleanor ♥

Triple Chocolate Wdandelion_edited-1 copy

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