Architecture Sketches


I’ve been lacking over here on the gallery page, for two reasons… 1. I’m currently working on some commissions that can’t be published or shared yet – I’ll keep you updated on that… 2. I have an art exam coming up in 3 weeks time – help!

My art exam has the title, “Transformation,” so I seized the opportunity to look into Architecture, and how this has transformed the urban world – for my outcome, I plan to photograph buildings, then either transform these, using techniques that I’ve studied, or perhaps take these buildings out of the image, and put my own designs in the spaces!

Although I don’t have any of my own work yet, I thought I’d show you my progress – I’ve been busy studying various architects and creating some copies, or should I say, “pastiches” of their work.

Which one is your favourite? I love Rastrelli and Piano!

Eleanor ♥

P.s My camera is having a few focusing problems… I really should get it sorted!

_MG_7489 _MG_7491 _MG_7492 _MG_7494 _MG_7498 _MG_7501 _MG_7502 _MG_7503

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